Basement & Crawl Space Insulation

Don't Let Your Basement Cost You A Fortune In Energy Costs.

Basements and crawl spaces are culprits for air leakage and cold air infiltration. Insulating and air sealing with Basement & Crawl Space insulation is the key to addressing that cold air that can even be making the rooms above uncomfortable. It is critical to air seal around the perimeter of your foundation where so much outside cold air can enter your home.

Basement Insulation Fairfield County CT | New Haven County CT | Westchester County NY | Putnam County NYFor basement & crawlspace insulation, we recommend Spray Foam Insulation. Fiberglass batts do not air seal and can actually absorb moisture, fall down, and create a home for pests. This material is usually not effective in basements and crawl spaces.

The best solution for basements and crawl spaces is to apply Spray foam insulation around the rim joist and sill plate and/or the basement or crawlspace ceiling to air seal the area.

Closed Cell Spray Foam is the highest quality insulation for improving the performance of a building envelope. A single application creates an air, moisture, and vapor barrier that adds to the building’s structural integrity. Closed cell spray foam is almost always preferred in basements and crawl spaces, because of its vapor resistance characteristics, and can also be used on walls and attics.

If you plan to finish your basement, we can apply spray foam insulation to the walls to bring the basement into the conditioned “living” space.

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Spray Foam Insulation
"Intelligent, well trained installers. Neat and clean in their work. We will definitely use them again on another project. I recommend them to anyone who needs spray foam insulation."

-Pat C. Gaylordsville, CT

Spray Foam Insulation
"Great service, great product. I wish we would have done this sooner. Mark is very knowledgeable about his product. They did what they said with no surprises. Highly recommend this company"

-Valerie J. Danbury, CT