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Home Energy Solutions℠ Program for Connecticut Residents

Energy costs in Connecticut are one of the highest in the nation. By improving the energy efficiency of your home, you can significantly reduce those costs. UPDATE: CONNECTICUT’S HOME ENERGY SOLUTIONS PROGRAM (HES) IS OFFERING INSULATION REBATES OF UP TO $1.70 PER SQ. FT. ! 

Energy savings is important, and so is comfort. Is your home drafty? Do you feel chilly in the winter and hot in the summer? Are your walls cold to the touch? Is the temperature upstairs different than downstairs? These are all signs that your home may need a check-up and a tune-up.

The first step to help combat high energy costs and to make your home more comfortable, is to sign up for a home assessment through the Home Energy Solutions (HES) Program.

As an authorized contractor for Home Energy Solutions, Good Life Energy Savers can provide you with approximately $1,000 worth of diagnostic and energy savings services in your home. Currently the co-pay for CT homeowners is only $75!  Our Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified energy technicians test your home to identify and improve energy usage and make your home more comfortable.

Here’s what you can expect during our visit to your home:

  • Blower Door Test, which identifies the drafts and air leaks in your home. According to those results, we will provide professional sealing of identified air leaks.
Fiberglass Insulation Company
  • Duct Test, which will measure air leaks in your ductwork system and seal significant leaks.
Fiberglass Insulation Company
  • Insulation Evaluation, identifying the areas in your home that would benefit from adding insulation.  Insulation, according to the Dept. of Energy, is the #1 way to reduce the energy usage.
Fiberglass Insulation Company
  • During your “kitchen table wrap-up,” our technicians will review the work that was done in your home and tell you about the additional things you can do to save energy and be more comfortable in your home.
Fiberglass Insulation Company
  • The technician will provide you with the recommendations for upgrades; such as adding insulation, or replacing appliances or heating systems, and provide you with the available Connecticut REBATES and FINANCING OPTIONS to help with the cost of these upgrades. For example, the HES program currently offers and Insulation Rebates of up to $1.70 per sq ft. or up to 75% of the cost of a licensed contractor installing insulation to certain areas of your home.
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Customer Reviews

Great Results
"We used Good Life for foam insulation about 4 years ago with great results. An amazing difference, especially in the corner rooms of our house. We also did the energy audit and received a rebate."

-Carolyn G. Ridgefield, CT

Dramatic Improvement
Dramatic improvement in heat retention immediately. Installers were efficient, hardworking and extremely competent.

-David V. Torrington, CT