What Are The Dangers Of DIY Insulation?

Posted on on October 9th, 2015

iStock_000014025929_MediumMany homeowners love to get their hands on DIY projects.  They’re a great way to save money and they sometimes leave you with a strong sense of accomplishment and pride.  However, there are certain projects that are best left to the professionals — and insulation is one of them.  When handled improperly, not only is insulation ineffective, it can also be dangerous.

Why should you leave insulation to the professionals at Good Life?

  1. There are many types of insulation available.  At Good Life Energy Savers, we use spray foam insulation, loose fill, tri-polymer and blown-in insulation.  Many unknowing homeowners opt for fiberglass – which is both bad for you and bad for the environment.  We can help you determine what type of insulation will offer the best insulating ability for your needs.  Whether you are looking to insulate your attic, your basement, or a retrofitted room, we are here to provide expert advice.
  2. You want to optimize your savings.  If you’re looking to insulate your home, you want it to be done efficiently and correctly.  By hiring a professional, you know that your insulation will be working effectively.
  3. There is less of a clean up.  Our professionals work with insulation every day.  We know how to complete the process neatly and efficiently.  DIY projects can become messy!

Still not convinced?  Give us a call at 203-297-6337.  Our professionals will discuss any concerns you may have about your home insulation and help you determine what the best choice will be for your home.

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Customer Reviews

Much Warmer House
"They installed Tripolymer on outside walls and spray in the attic. The team arrived, did a great job including cleanup, and was very courteous. I enjoyed meeting them and am now enjoying their work in the form of a much warmer house."

-John T. South Salem, NY

"Excellent . The Estimator showed up 2 minutes before the appointed time & after a quick 20-minute survey of the exterior of the house, was able to give me a written estimate. The rest of the job was conducted in similar fashion. The installation crew showed up on time, were competant & courteous & completed job on time. When completed, I was asked to walk the job to make sure the cleanup was acceptable. Not enough "cold" time has gone by for me to comment on the reduction in heating costs but as for the work, this outfit gets my unqualified recommendation."

-John A. White Plains, NY