Understanding the Wall Foam Insulation Process

Posted on on March 9th, 2015


Ready to improve your home’s energy efficiency with wall foam insulation?  Tripolymer® Foam Insulation is one of the best ways to keep your home at a comfortable temperature and prevent energy loss!

Fortunately, the installation process is simple and quick.  Here is a little bit of information on the process and what you can expect from our trained installers.

Wall Foam Insulation Process:

  • Siding is Removed – When our certified installers visit your home to begin the installation process, the first thing that we do is carefully remove one or two rows of siding from your home.  This minimizes alteration during the installation process.
  • Small Holes are Drilled – Small holes are drilled in between the studs in the walls.  This is how we will get the foam insulation into the walls of your home.  Since the holes are small and precise, the installation process has little to no effect on the exterior of your home.
  • A Hose is Inserted – A hose is gently inserted into the hole, and Tripolymer® Foam Insulation is injected into the empty wall space.
  • Wall is Restored and Siding Re-Installed – After the foam has been injected into the walls, the holes are capped and secured to help keep your home energy efficient.  Then, the siding is re-installed, leaving your home just as we found it!
  • A Final Walk- After we have completed the process, we perform a walk through with the homeowners to make sure we have met all of your expectations.

Learn more about the installation process – from site preparation to cleanup – on our website.  You can also contact our office with any questions you have about the benefits of wall foam insulation and what our installation process entails.  Call 203-297-6337 to contact Good Life Energy Savers!

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Customer Reviews

Amazing Results
"The difference has been amazing. We are very happy with the results."

-Chris M. Brewster, NY

Highly recommend!
"Spray foam insulation in condo building. Very attentive workers, clean and complete work... highly recommend them."

-Michael H. Bethel, CT