Why Is R-Value So Important?

Posted on on February 16th, 2015

Dreaming Couple Framing Hands Around Ghosted House Figure in Grass Field.When it comes to keeping your home warm all winter long, energy efficiency plays an important role.  The better your home is at keeping warm, heated air inside, and cool winter air outside, the lower your home heating costs will be.  Not only does this reduce your environmental impact, but it helps keep your home at a more comfortable temperature without overworking your heating system.

R-values are the measurement of your home’s ability to prevent the transfer of heat.   The larger the r-value of your home, the better job it does at preventing heat transfer.  Here are a few ways to can improve the r-value of your home.

  • Insulate – Insulating your home will improve it’s r-value and help conserve energy.  Spray foam insulation is one of the best ways to improve your home’s insulation.  Unlike fiberglass batting, spray foam covers every inch of your walls.
  • Improve Your Standards – Insulate your walls and your roof.  While walls should generally have an r-value of 19 and roofs a value of 30 or 40, you can improve these standards to make your home even more efficient.

Read more about energy efficiency and the role r-value plays in keeping your home warm this winter here: http://goo.gl/66epzv

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Customer Reviews

Good Experience
"We used Good Life and had a good experience. We did the entire house Tripolymer foam in between the exterior framing. Our energy bills reduced considerably and the noise barrier is great."

-Tracy B Ridgefield, CT

Immediate Improvement
"We noticed an immediate change in the performance and building envelope. We are much warmer, less drafty and quieter."

-Luke E. Ridgefield, CT