Where Should You Insulate Your Home?

Posted on on February 4th, 2015

Heat insulation of house

Keeping your home well insulated through the winter months can help reduce your utility bill costs, increase your energy efficiency, and improve your home’s comfort.  Here are a few places you should protect your home from energy loss with insulation.

Where to Insulate:

  • The Attic – Insulating and keeping your attic sealed can play an important role in keeping your home warm. If you have your heating or cooling unit or hot water tank located in the attic, it’s particularly important to keep the area insulated to keep your system working efficiently year round.
  • Air Ducts – Keep your ducts sealed and insulated if they are located in unconditioned space.  If you’re building a new house, place ducts in a conditioned space to prevent energy loss.
  • Cathedral Ceilings – Insulating cathedral ceilings will help keep the ceiling at a temperature closer to room temperature.  This will keep the temperature distribution even throughout the house.
  • Exterior Walls – If you are looking to further insulate your home, you are remodeling, or you are building a new room, it’s important to make sure that your exterior walls are well insulated.  This is where you can prevent a significant amount of energy loss in your home.
  • Basement – A properly insulated basement could save you money on your heating bill, while providing your home with a comfortable living space.

Read this article from the Department of Energy for more information (http://goo.gl/7To59R) on where and how you should insulate your home for maximum energy savings and efficiency.

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