Home Insulation Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

Posted on on February 27th, 2015

WIt might not always be easy to keep your home warm on cold winter nights.  Older homes are especially prone to letting heat escape and cold air to creep in.  Here are a few tips to help you save money and energy with home insulation this winter.   Home Insulation Tips:

  • Determine If You Need New Insulation – While new additions to your home will need to have insulation added, you also want to determine whether or not you need to have insulation installed into existing rooms in your home.  Many older houses can be drafty and lack attic insulation.  Loose fill between the ceiling joints can help prevent heat loss during the winter months.
  • Determining the Type of Insulation to Use – Building insulation generally falls into the category of loose fill, batting, rigid boards or spray foam.  We recommend loose fill and spray foam, as it is the safest and most environmentally friendly option available for your home.
  • Determining Where to Install Insulation – Since warm air tends to rise and cool air tends to fall, it’s important that the attic and basement are well insulated.

Check out this article from This Old House for more tips on how to best insulate your home.   If you have any questions about what type of insulation you should be using in your home, contact our office!  Our professionals can help you determine what type of insulation you need and where to best insulate your home.  Not only is our insulation efficient – it’s good for the environment too!  With our home installation, you can reduce your energy use and keep your home warm all winter long.


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"Intelligent, well trained installers. Neat and clean in their work. We will definitely use them again on another project. I recommend them to anyone who needs spray foam insulation."

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Spray Foam Insulation
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