7 Vital Reasons You Need Great Insulation

Posted on on April 2nd, 2019

At Good Life Energy Savers, we have helped hundreds of owners with a wide host of insulation services, using the top-quality products in all the most important spaces. But why is insulation so important, anyway? Here, we’re going to look at the seven top reasons that you should make sure that your home has the insulation that it needs, and how Good Life Energy Savers can help you do just that. Come see the top quality insulation products and services we offer here.

Keep your home comfortable

Simply put, the best reason to insulate your home is to make sure that your heating and cooling systems work as effectively and efficiently as possible. Without insulation, heat can move both in and out of the home much more freely through any small gaps in the home’s exterior. As such, it will be hotter in summer and colder in winter. You don’t need to keep your HVAC systems on at full power, insulation stops heat from moving freely throughout the home by effectively creating a barrier around it.

Keep your home environmentally friendly

If you’re like many homeowners, then you’re starting to grow concerned with how much energy you’re using in the home and how much of a carbon footprint that you have. We all want to do what we can to make sure that you don’t waste energy. However, not many people are willing to sit in the freezing cold of winter or the stifling heat of summer. Insulation makes your HVAC systems more efficient, which also means that you don’t need to use them as often. This means that you’re using less energy and having less of an impact on the environment in general.

Save on your energy bills

The reduced reliance on your HVAC systems also has positive implications for your home’s budget, as well. Energy bills are commonly one of the highest recurring expenses in the home. When left unchecked, they can grow to be very expensive, indeed. Since insulation makes the home’s climate easier to control, it reduces your reliance on the HVAC system. It’s easier to get the home to the temperature that you want and to keep it there. Less time with the heating and air conditioning on means less money spent on powering them. It also helps you save money on repairs and maintenance. Simply put, the less you use your HVAC systems, the less wear and tear it suffers, meaning you don’t have to repair or replace it as soon as you would have to, otherwise. We provide full home energy assessments, which you can learn more about here.

Reduce your noise pollution

Insulation acts as a protective barrier around the home, but it stops more than just hot air from traveling where it wants to. It’s also great for keeping noise out of the home as well as preventing noise from traveling outside. It’s not entirely soundproof, but if the sounds of the neighborhood at night are keeping you from sleeping, then it can help offer some relief. Similarly, it offers a barrier against sound traveling out of the house, as well, so you can enjoy your home life a little more without worrying about what the neighbors are going to think.

Add value to your home

Since insulation does so much for the home, it’s only natural that it has an impact on the value. A home with insulation is a home that’s cost-effective, more comfortable, and greener. Those are all elements that are highly valued on the housing market. Installing insulation in the home isn’t just good for you and your family, it’s also good for the investment that is your property. Even if your home has insulation, it’s worth looking at it to ensure that it’s still resilient and effective.

Protecting your home and family

Insulation isn’t just good for your comfort, it’s also good for your health. Combined with good roof and wall ventilation, it plays a role in improving the air quality of the home, ensuring that you get fresh air without the allergens that came come from outside. These allergens aren’t just bad for people with health issues like hay fever, but they can also exacerbate or cause respiratory problems like asthma. What’s more, insulation stops the home from having cold, damp corners that can be a haven for all sorts of potentially dangerous issues. It plays a role in preventing the growth of mold, one of the leading causes of sick homes. People with better insulation have been shown to have fewer health visits to the doctor and fewer complaints about their wellbeing in general.

Older homes have little-to-no insulation

Hopefully, the benefits of good insulation throughout the home are starting to become clear. However, the main reason that you should think about investing in it is the fact that your home simply might not have enough. Modern regulation means that in many places, insulation is required in newly built homes. However, that’s not the case for older homes. Yours might have little insulation or none at all. This means a colder, unhealthier, more expensive home. At Good Energy Life Savers, we can provide an in-house estimate that looks at what insulation you have and what insulation you need to make sure that your home is protected as best as possible.

How Good Life Energy Savers can help

Are you convinced that your home is in need of good insulation? At Good Life Energy Savers, we can help you give your home the comfort, savings, energy efficiency that it deserves with a host of different high-quality insulation products that you can check out here.

We can insulate the whole home from top to bottom or as you need it, with free in-home estimates. Our team is fully licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting quality service from true professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

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