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Learn About Our Injection Wall Foam Installation Process

Because Tripolymer® Injection Wall foam is installed by Good Life Energy Saver’s Certified and Trained Installers, the entire process is simple and quick – from site preparation to cleanup.

What follows is a brief account of the installation process:

  1. We remove a row of siding.
    A certified installer carefully removes a row or two of siding from your home.
  2. Small holes are drilled between the studs.
    Small holes are drilled between the studs in the walls.
  3. A hose is gently inserted.
    A hose is gently inserted into the hole, and Tripolymer® is injected into the empty wall space.
  4. Plugs are inserted, and siding is re-installed.
    Once the foam has been injected into the walls, exterior holes are capped with secure beveled plugs, specifically designed this purpose. Then the siding is re-installed, leaving the home in the same condition as we found it.
  5. Final walk-through – Your home is as good as new!
    The final step is a walk-through with you, to ensure we have met all of your expectations.

Tripolymer® also works well with existing insulation, filling in any spaces left by the old insulation.

Good Life can apply Tripolymer® to retrofit almost any home, with any type of construction. The process works for homes sided with vinyl, aluminum, brick, shingle, clapboard, and other home exteriors. For brick home applications, small holes are drilled through the mortar, and Tripolymer® foam is injected into the spaces between the studs. The holes are plugged, and our Certified Installers match the color of the existing mortar. In special situations, Tripolymer® can be installed from the interior of the home as well.

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Toasty Warm Home
"We were very impressed with Mark’s presentation. We knew immediately that we wanted to use his company. Our home is toasty warm. Our initial contact with Lindsey, to the installers and Mark have been above par! Without hesitation we would recommend Good Life to anyone needing professionals that care and are responsive."

-Sarah S. Norwalk, CT

On Time!
"Both the sales rep and installers were on time! Everyone I dealt with were friendly and personable."

-Elizabeth F Naugatuck, CT