Multifamily Energy Efficiency

We Can Make Your Multifamily Property More Energy-Efficient, Comfortable and Environmentally Friendly

As a qualified contractor for the Multifamily Initiative with Energize Connecticut, we can make your multifamily property more energy-efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly, while helping to connect you with available incentives, rebates and financing.

Our multifamily property services include an energy assessment of your property to provide you with recommendations for energy efficient improvements, including insulation, HVAC, and lighting.

Our technicians can air seal your units, provide LED bulbs, and water savings measures. Our certified installers will use a variety of insulation products specifically for attics, walls, basements, and crawl spaces to provide your residents with added comfort, savings and energy efficiency.

Completed multifamily insulation projects:

Parkview Green Condominiums, Stamford, CT
Installed closed cell spray foam and Tripolymer injection foam insulation to all exterior walls

Gateview Condominiums, Stamford, CT
Installed 113,000 board feet of medium density open cell spray foam insulation and ignition barrier to carport ceiling/underside of first floor deck to provide air sealing and insulation.*

Nunnawauk Meadows Condominiums, Newtown, CT
Air sealed attics top plates and penetrations, installed vents and insulated attic floors in 20 buildings (80 units) with 52,000 sq ft of loose fill cellulose insulation.*

Orchard Hills Condominiums, New Canaan, CT
Installed 53,000 sq ft of Tripolymer injection foam in exterior walls of 5 multi-family buildings(23 units).*

Cove Harbor Condominiums, Stamford, CT
Installed medium density open cell spray foam insulation to underside of first floor deck to provide air sealing and insulation.*

South Gate Condominiums, Danbury, CT
Installed cellulose insulation, blown into ceiling cavities of parking structure to insulate first floor units of multi-family structure.*

*Projects received financial incentives through the CT MultiFamily Initiative

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Customer Reviews

Warmer Winter
"From start to finish everyone was professional and informative. I'm looking forward to a warmer winter and cooler summer."

-Maureen A. Stamford, CT

Work Was Done Well
"I got several estimates from several providers. The pricing seemed just ok with those other providers but something seemed off. Good Life came in and made sure that I was getting the correct amount of insulation (where the other service providers had under estimated) and helped me to get into a loan through the utility company for the cost of the insulation. Good life is a qualifying contractor for this and it saved me a lot of out of pocket expense. They came in and did what they had to do. They were professional and made sure the work was done well."

-John S. Milford, CT